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Two Tech Innovation Ecosystem Builders Join Efforts To Bring New Perspectives on Aerospace And Defence Tech. Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Type5 is partnering with Alberta-based ConvergX® to deliver a world-class presentation of aerospace and defense tech intersections with space technology innovation. The parties are bringing together government, industry, International organizations, and entrepreneurs to shed light on the recent developments and trends in aerospace, defense, and security.



Dec, 12 2023

 UNVEIL CANADA’S PATH TO THE FUTURE ECONOMY Calgary, Alberta, Canada – The Telus Convention Center in Calgary will host the much-anticipated Space Tech Summit 2024 on May 15th and 16th, presented by TYPE5 Venture Capital. This event stands poised to be a pivotal moment in Canada’s journey towards spearheading the future economy, focusing on the pivotal role of space and deep tech innovations.

“The Israeli space industry is still in its infancy”

Lior Herman, at the Space-Tech Summit conference: “The global space economy generates about 450 billion a year. The Israeli space economy, on the other hand, is still based on a few dozen young companies” [TECH TIME]

The event was organized by the Type-5 company, which was founded by Israelis from the space industry and whose offices operate from Israel and Switzerland. Among the speakers at the conference, Hila Hadad Hamelnik, former CEO of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, Uri Oron, Director of the Israel Space Agency, Ron Tomer, President of the Association of Manufacturers, Maya Glickman, CEO of Spacecialist, Dr. Jonathan Weintraub, CEO of Cryptosat, and many other speakers. The main theme of the conference was building a space economy and its contribution to Israel’s economy.

“NASA takes seriously the possibility of extraterrestrial life”, 

And they are not the only ones, TYPE5 VC Space Tech Group which raises venture capital funds in the field of aerospace and space, and who was behind the arrival of Prof. Laiv at the conference [Globes]

NASA recently announced that a special team will investigate reports of unidentified objects, but it is not the only one that takes seriously the possibility of life outside our planet. Creation could be a scientific theory that we haven’t discovered yet,” he says in an interview with Globes, Part of his Keynote at Space Tech Summit 2023, Hosted by TYPE5 VC.

“Leading the Israeli space economy to the international standard” [MAARIV]

Space industry executives from Israel and the world at a summit meeting at the 2nd regional Spacestack conference. 

Among the topics we discussed: cyber attacks in space and the challenges of the Israeli space technology industry. 

The 2nd Spacestack conference which opened May 22nd, was attended by very senior people from the space technology industry in Israel and around the world. At the conference, hosted by Dror Globerman,  some of the most advanced space technologies in the world were presented for the first time and he dealt with building the space economy and its growth engines for the Israeli economy. 

Lior Harman, the co-founder of TYPE5 VC Space Tech Group, which raises venture capital funds in the aerospace and space sector and who stands behind the conference, said at the beginning of his remarks: “The global space economy may reach a trillion dollars by the end of the decade. Today it generates about a quarter of a trillion (450 billion). Economy The Israeli space, on the other hand, contains a relatively small number of young companies (dozens), although the expectation is to reach the hundreds as the development and growth rate increases in the field from year to year.” 

This is certainly compared to the countries of the world.

“Quantum, cyber and unidentified objects in space”

This event has it all [GeekTime]

One of the most intriguing questions that has occupied humanity for decades is: are we alone in the universe? Over the years, various theories and evidence have accumulated, but no unequivocal answer has yet been found. This will also be the subject of the main speech (keynote) of the upcoming Spacestack conference, which will be delivered by the head of astronomy at Harvard University, Professor Avi Loeb. He will speak for the first time before an audience in Israel about the Galileo project – an international scientific study to systematically search for intelligence or technology, and to identify the nature of unidentified objects and unusual aerial phenomena (UAP’s), which may not originate from Earth.


The Galileo project uses multispectral (multi-frequency) photographic arrays combined with automations such as image processing, AI and the collection of big data telemetry data from unclassified civilian sources. The lecture will be broadcast live.


The Spacestack conference will be held for the second year on May 22 at Expo Tel Aviv (9:00-16:30). It will focus on building the space economy, estimated at a trillion dollars, and Space Nation as a growth engine for Earth. The event will be attended by speakers from Israel and the world, leading companies and organizations, including Bar Ilan University, the Ministry of Science, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Elbit, IAI, AWS, Deloitte, LIGO UAE and TYPE5 VC. The event will be moderated by Dror Gloverman and is intended for developers, entrepreneurs, private investors and venture capital funds, managers and marketing, technology and science professionals.

“Israel – A New Space Nation”? [Haydan]

How does Israel integrate into the wave of deep technologies in space and on the ground? In preparation for the Spacestack conference

Since the term deep-tech was introduced in 2015, there has been an 83% jump in the number of start-ups in the fields of deep tech, according to a study by the Boston consulting group.

Most of the developments cataloged as Diptek have so far been developed in academic settings. However, in recent years, researchers, developers and venture capital investors are showing an appetite for complex and more far-reaching technologies that yield more than “more apps”.

USA – Israel Space Tech Event I [spaceREF]

The event will consider the commercial and R&D partnerships and investments required to develop the $1 trillion space market. Participants will be a range of start-ups and established space related concerns along with stakeholders in enabling technologies, as well as, Israeli and US government

To infinity and beyond: get ready for the first Israeli space tech VC | Calcalist [CTECH]

“Space will become a self-sustaining economy, and boom over the next decade,” says co-founder of TYPE5, the first Israeli-VC focused on space startups”.

חללית ספייס X. צילום: Pexels

“Space tech is on the launchpad of exponential growth” [CTECH]

“We want to create a sustainable space economy for both life on Earth and beyond,” said TYPE5 co-founder Einat Berkovitch during SpaceTech Summit

חלוצי החלל: הקרן הישראלית טייפ 5 יצאה למסע בין כוכבים [CALCALIST]

בעוד שניים-שלושה עשורים החלל יהיה השוק הדומיננטי בעולם. כבר עכשיו, לאחר שארה”ב הסירה את התקנות בנושא, מורגש גל של יזמות והשקעה בתחום. קרן טייפ 5 מזהה את השוק המתפתח ומהמרת על הסטארט-אפים הישראליים שיובילו אותו.

SpaceShenkar לקחו חלק בכנס SpaceTech Summit [SHENKAR]

Thursday 15.5.22, SpaceShenkar – a body that encourages the development and creation of space projects in Shenkar – presented at the “SpaceTech Summit” conference a presentation of a collection of works by graduates and lecturers. The conference was all about growth and opportunities in the Israeli and global space industry (civil aerospace). Space Conference At the conference, opportunities for creation and development in the field of space were presented by the best technology companies and lecturers operating today, who dealt with Israel’s future as a pioneer in space technologies. The conference focused on next-generation technologies in space research and the private-civilian space revolution, and dealt with Israel’s place in Industry 5.0 – a new development paradigm that advocates the position of industrial workers at the center of the production process (compared to machines and AI), and the technologies and entrepreneurs that will transform Israel from a startup nation to a Space Nation.

Israeli entrepreneur raises $110m with space tech vision

 [FDI Intelligence]

The Type5 ‘new space’ fund, named after Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev’s scale of civilisation’s advancement through energy usage, views “space tech as a whole industry”. Mr Herman says the fund will focus on five verticals: quantum computing for new networks; power sourcing for space manufacturing; next-generation medical devices; space IT infrastructure; and robotics.

מייסדי הקרן מימין לשמאל: אודי דנהריש, ליאור הרמן, ירון שגיא ועינת ברקוביץ׳. צילום: יח”צ
הכירו את קרן ההון סיכון של תעשיית האירו-ספייס. ״חזון לאומי: להפוך את  
ישראל לאומת ספייס-טק״

בעקבות השינוי הדרמטי שחל בעשור האחרון בתעשיית החלל, בראשונה מוקמת בישראל קרן מתמחה בתחום האירוספייס ■ האסטרטגיה של TYPE5 תהיה להתמקד בחברות עם מוצר המאופיין בשימוש דואלי לא רק לחלל, אלא עם שוק גם בכדור הארץ 

New Venture Capital Fund Aims to Become Israel’s Space-tech Pioneer [HAARETZ]

‘Israel is already known as Startup Nation, but we need to become Space Nation,’ says Lior Herman, a founding partner of Type5, a new Israeli venture capital fund raising $110M to invest in space-technology startups

Image: pexels
צילום: סוכנות החלל הישראלית

ספייס-ניישן: קרן חדשה תשקיע 110 מיליון דולר בסטארט-אפים בתחום החלל [THE MARKER]

בעקבות השינוי הדרמטי שחל בעשור האחרון בתעשיית החלל, בראשונה מוקמת בישראל קרן מתמחה בתחום האירוספייס ■ האסטרטגיה של TYPE5 תהיה להתמקד בחברות עם מוצר המאופיין בשימוש דואלי לא רק לחלל, אלא עם שוק גם בכדור הארץ