TYPE5 Advisory division specializes in the transaction lifecycle providing advisory services in M&A procedures, strategic and investment consultation and legal guidance, tailored for the aerospace and new space markets.



  • Access to lucrative deal flow & opportunities. 

    Guiding companies at critical junctures through a methodical decision-making process. Providing companies with financial, strategic and legal advice. Our Advisory Services

    • Enterprise Finance
    • Aerospace Advisory 
    • Deal Advisory
    • Private & Pre IPO Offering 

The aerospace sector

The aerospace sector experienced an uptick in M&A activity in Q4 of 2021, with 93 transactions completed, the highest volume quarter of 2021. Overall, aerospace & defense M&A deal volume increased by over 26% from 2020 to 2021.

Deal activity is expected to focus on emerging technologies, new capabilities, growth, and access to new geographic markets.

‘Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines, but to reassess—even reset—M&A strategy. I expect to look back at 2022 to find the successful dealmakers of tomorrow who will be defined as those who boldly execute on their M&A goals today and overcome the current market challenges.’

Brian LevyGlobal Deals Industries Leader,

M&A Divsion

Our team’s extensive experience and knowledge in all relevant fields of Space Tech allow us to provide clients with the best professional services to ensure the best outcomes in every business transaction or activity that they are a part of. 

Key Strength Factors Includes our Access to funding via TYPE5 fund & unique ecosystem. 

Our ability to leverage business product offerings to enable optimal growth. 

We specialize in the various aspects of the transaction lifecycle in the growing Space Tech Industry.