Two Tech Innovation Ecosystem Builders Join Efforts To Bring New Perspectives on Aerospace And Defence Tech.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Type5 is partnering with Alberta-based ConvergX® to deliver a world-class presentation of aerospace and defense tech intersections with space technology innovation. The parties are bringing together government, industry, International organizations, and entrepreneurs to shed light on the recent developments and trends in aerospace, defense, and security.

Type5 is committed to accelerating collaboration and advancement of the global space tech ecosystem. To achieve excellence, Type5 brings together the most influential and experienced partners.  “We believe ConvergX® represents visionaries, innovators, and aerospace, defense, and security leaders. Aiming to propel Alberta and Canada to the forefront of the global economy through pioneering space and deep tech initiatives,”

Added Lior Herman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Type5.

Kimberley Van Vliet, Founder & CEO of WāVv and ConvergX® says: “ConvergX® was established over seven years ago to promote cross-sectoral discussions and generate opportunities for senior executives across various global industries. 

Since its inception, the Congress has facilitated over $1 billion worth of cross-industry business
deals, effectively demonstrating the conference’s value. 

With Type5’s immense experience and world-class reputation, this partnership is the logical next step, and we are thrilled with the opportunities that will arise.”

ConvergX® will continue to host their two-day annual global congress every September, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with the eighth annual occurring September 17 & 18, 2024 at the Calgary Petroleum Club.

About the Space Tech Summit
On May 15-16, 2024, the Telus Convention Center in Calgary is hosting for the first time the International Space Tech Summit. 

This event stands as a pivotal moment in Canada’s journey towards spearheading the future low earth orbit and dual-use space economy, focusing on the pivotal role of space and deep tech and supply chian innovations.

The long-term development of revenues of the Canadian space sector ($4.8b in 2021) is
expected to reach the global space economy (+8% YOY to $546 billion in 2022 and is
projected to climb to $1Trillion according to Bloomberg).

As a gathering of the world’s most influential space and deep tech entrepreneurs,
enterprises, and founders, the summit aims to shine a spotlight on the forefront of
technological advancement. Attendees can expect a showcase of ground-breaking technologies, startups, and deep tech solutions.
Early bird registration for the summit is now open. For more information and registration
details, visit

About ConvergX®
Each year a carefully vetted group of invite-only decision-makers from wildly diverse industries gather for an intense 2 day in-person business accelerator event. ConvergX® provides unprecedented opportunities for networking, candid conversation, and closing
commercialized deals within the next 12 – 18 months.

It is the first and only annual global congress that brings together senior decision-makers in Aerospace, Defence, Security, Space, Energy, Mining, Tech, Agriculture, Construction, Finance, and MedTech industries to collaborate, innovate and leverage technology with
unprecedented efficiency.

Solving problems you didn’t know you had, with solutions you didn’t know existed, from industries you didn’t know could help. 

For media inquiries or further information, please contact

CONVERGEX Past conference partners include: CES, NATO INDUSTRIAL ADVISORY GROUP, and others.

About TYPE5 Aerospace Investments Inc. Alberta Based Group and Enabler of the Space Tech Summit
TYPES is a global space tech investments firm operating in North America and Europe focused on space-to-earth game-changing innovations that will transform entire industries for life on Earth and in Space. 

TYPE5 is committed to driving the future of the global economy through strategic investments and partnerships. 

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