We work side by side with the world’s leading industries in their quest for proving new concepts and maintaining on the competitive edge.

Once recognize a winning product, spin-off or novel innovation, we pull our sleeves and partner as founders and co-lead the way.



We uncover your next market disruptor, Then make it A Partner.

Newborn, early adopting technologies of today are the backbone for the unicorn applications of tomorrow.

As enterprise veterans we understand the concern of time to market, concept-proven innovation and roadmap to scale fast.

Today, Enterprises are in search for the next platforms. Dual usage is not just a buzz word, its based on solving complex engineering problems while maintaining commercial savvy mindset. Become an enterprise market ready is the key to make dual usages tech a gamechanger companies

The impact

The impact

Enterprises can now leverage the wide network of 1,000+ space startups and strong connections with key industry-leading firms to create a world-first idea EXECUTION for SpaceTech, Deep tech Industry 5.0 X Meta Verse that will bring together the best minds, ideas and business to create a “blue print” for the future our human development.

Enterprise Pitch Competition events

Leveraging on data and R&D scale, from space industry Design a human-centric concept to create a usable “blue-print”.

We bring together key partners with 4-5 other “supporting” companies around it, all complimentary to the core industry and organization product lines: 

1. Co-curation of SpaceTech concepts and identification of ideal industry.

2.  Full marketing highlighting the “challenge” and starting the matchmaking process by inviting startups to contact us with solutions for the identified challenges. 

3. Your organization, as a central partner, will have access to all “supporting” industry sectors’ ideas. 

4. Grand award ceremony for the winners of the main prize and the supporting sectors, joining industry leaders and startups, allowing a stage exposure and industry high positioning of winners.

5. Decision makers, head of departments/board members collaboration with the winners, to develop the innovation into real products.

5. Full presentation of winners to the ecosystem, heads of departments and management, board members and customers.

Investment Offering:

– Central partner

– Supporting partners

– Stand-alone workshop 

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